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Inclined wheelchair lift Buying Guide

Inclined wheelchair lift

What is an Inclined wheelchair lift?

An inclined wheelchair lift

An inclined wheelchair lift is a device that allows wheelchairs to easily access stairs without the high construction costs involved in building shafts for elevators or vertical platform lifts. What's more, these collapsible platforms save the most usable space for stairs when not in use.

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How does an Inclined wheelchair lift work? 

A simple design comprising a rail and a fold-out surface distinguishes an inclined platform lift. These versions are suitable for floor-to-floor use, such as entering a building from the exterior and traveling along the ground to a second story, whether straight or curved.

Many people are curious about how an inclined lift works:

Using a Motor

The motor that propels the platform down a track is at the heart of the operation. In most cases, systems are battery-powered in some way, charging continuously to provide a backup plan in the event of a power loss.

Furthermore, because the motor-powered design eliminates the requirement for a machine room, installation is simple and quick.

With the use of a rail and platform

The foundation for an inclined platform lift comprises two major components after you get to know the motor. One is a compact platform that folds down for use and up once the user arrives at his or her destination.

Platforms include a textured surface for enhanced friction and a little ramp for stepping on and off to keep the user safe.

A steel or aluminum rail transports the user to this location. To move the platform from one floor to another, most use a rack-and-pinion drive system. When the lift reaches the next floor, an automated brake ensures that it comes to a complete stop.

Because of this configuration, installing the lift in your home or business requires minimum structural alterations, and the lift can typically be installed as-is.

There are two types of inclined platform lifts available from HONTY: a conventional straight model and a custom curved model. If you are interested in these two kinds of lifts now and get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like a quote.

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What are the advantages and benefits of an Inclined wheelchair lift? 

Installing an incline wheelchair lift in your commercial facility can significantly improve your business. It is not only beneficial for business but also the ethical thing to do to welcome clients or consumers of all abilities to your commercial company. Everyone ought to be able to enjoy a favorite neighborhood coffee shop, restaurant, or other commercial facilities without having to navigate the building with difficulty. People with mobility limitations who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters, on the other hand, experience significant difficulties in getting into the stores they enjoy. Commercial wheelchair lifts are the ideal solution for removing these impediments and ensuring safe access in low-rise buildings. These technologies allow wheelchair users to travel from floor to floor safely and smoothly without having to leave the comfort of their wheelchair. Wheelchair lifts are simple to install and configure in comparison to other accessibility equipment, and they take up less space than ramps and other devices.

Some of the most important advantages of installing a wheelchair elevator in commercial buildings are highlighted below.

Full Access — Making a facility accessible to those with mobility impairments entails more than just installing accessibility equipment at the entrance. It's more crucial to make sure the equipment has complete access to as much of the building as feasible. The main advantage of having a wheelchair lift is that it allows people to easily access all floors of a building, which promotes comfort and independence.

Safety - A wheelchair lift keeps people safe by lowering their chance of falling or getting hurt. It also assists them in maintaining their independence. It is critical to consider the safety element while selecting a lift for a commercial facility. HONTY, a leading accessibility equipment dealer, offers wheelchair lifts with advanced safety features such as weather-resistant controls and switches, a platform safety panel, paddle landing controls, an interlock system, an emergency stop button, and constant pressure controls on the platform, and an audio-visual alarm.

Reduce Stairwell Traffic - - Wheelchair lifts can divide the amount of the range of visits in the building by providing alternative gain access to the several flooring surfaces of the house, apart from the stairways. Directing all people towards the stairways increases the possibility of a major accident taking place when a large mass of people is definitely on the stairways at the same time. With the aid of a wheelchair lift, only a limited range of a number of persons need to put it to use at one given time. This specific gives a less dangerous plus more orderly function of transport so there will never be a build-up of traffic.

Commercial lifts are also significant space saves. Buildings with multiple stairwells can take up a lot of space, whereas elevators are compact and can be constructed to match the aesthetic of the space. It is faster and more efficient to use lifts.

Customization — Depending on the sort of job or needs, different commercial enterprises will require different features, designs, and styles. Lift designs that properly complement the particular needs and aesthetics of the commercial enterprise are provided by reputable accessibility equipment vendors.

Provide Access to All Groups — Installing a wheelchair lift in a commercial location allows you to provide access to persons of all ages and abilities. Apart from persons with mobility impairments who require wheelchair access, these gadgets will be useful to people who have heart ailments or are otherwise unable to ascend flights of steps. Pregnant women also require access to an elevator in order to avoid unnecessary strain from over-exertion.

Improve Reputation - Improving the available equipment of a commercial facility can help a company's reputation. A mobility-challenged customer will definitely appreciate all the efforts to provide convenience. They'll enjoy touring a commercial building with enlarged passageways and doors, motion sensor features, and a wheelchair lift.

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Inclined wheelchair lift

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