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    Custom home lift in the load should be between 250-320kg. Because the home lift is generally 2-3 layers, it needs to be selected and distinguished according to the needs of the project or the family when buying it. And commonly known as home lift products, load capacity are less than 400KG.It is recommended to know about home lift before buying. Customized household elevator selection should pay attention to the following points: 1. Advanced technology 2. Load less than 400KG 3. Car decoration of suitable buildings 4. Humanized products 5. Very safe products 6. The control system can use IC card or fingerprint identification 7. The noise should not exceed 52 decibels 8. Power-saving host 9. Small well area, simple and convenient civil construction 10. In line with the latest national standards Home lift customization selection points: 1. It must be humanized (the car can enter the wheelchair) 2. Conform to the architectural characteristics 3. Simple civil construction 4. Car decoration of home, beautiful and generous 5. It is better to use sightseeing form indoors than ordinary car 6. As the household elevator does not need to be tested by relevant departments, attention should be paid to quality assurance and safety […]

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