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Aerial Order Picker Buying Guide

What is an Aerial Order Picker?

An Order Picker resembles a forklift but serves a much different purpose. Order pickers assist warehouses with inventory, item identification, and movement. Unlike forklifts, which can handle a large number of things at once, order pickers are designed to move single products or orders, hence the name. Order pickers provide a platform for the operator and allow workers to access particular goods.

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How many types of Aerial Order pickers?

Low-Level Order Pickers

Order and stock picking may be done quickly and efficiently from both sides of warehouse aisles using low-level order pickers.

Low-level order pickers have a load capacity of up to 2,500kg and are driven by a high-performance 2.6kW motor that allows for swift acceleration and travel speed, ensuring optimal productivity throughout the shift.

The operator compartment on the order picker has been ergonomically constructed to provide operator comfort throughout lengthy hours.

The equipment has simple fingertip controls that allow the user to move the picker between spots by hopping onboard the platform or using the creep speed side control on the truck's side while strolling alongside it.

Regenerative braking and anti-rollback on slopes are also included in the pickers, enhancing safety and performance. The unit's ground clearance also ensures that uneven floors, trash, or ramps will not obstruct the pickers' progress.

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Order Pickers in the Middle

Operators can lift up to 1,000 kg using mid-level order pickers.

The order picker's raising cab allows workers to collect goods up to 3m high in medium to high places.

With direct access to the pallets, the operator's cabin gives optimal comfort.

Side gates can be fitted on higher-level versions to safeguard the operator.

Precision placement in warehouse aisles is possible thanks to highly sensitive electric steering and controls.

Pickers run on 24V batteries, allowing for quick and efficient mobility between shifts.

High-Level Order Pickers

High-level order pickers are designed for indoor use and are appropriate for a number of applications such as warehouses and general home improvements.

Pickers have lift capabilities of up to 1,360kg and a maximum lift height of 7.5 meters.

The particular opportunity to increase the operator upward high into racking allows warehouse racking systems to be made to completely maximize available straight storage space reaping helpful benefits for businesses as more stock is able to be stored.

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How does an Aerial Order Picker work? 

The order picker's bottom is fitted with a steering wheel that allows for pivot steering for more flexibility. This makes it possible to utilize the picker in tight locations.

A charge indicator is included with the electric order picker. When the device is completely charged, the color of the indicator will alert the operator.

A support seat has been added to the picker for easy safety checks, which increases the equipment's overall safety.

When the battery is low, an alert will automatically sound to remind the operator to charge the picker and perform daily maintenance. There is also an emergency lowering button on the picker. In an emergency, the operator can hit the button, and the order picker will return to its previous position.

The weight restriction on the electromotive order picker efficiently prevents mishaps caused by too much weight.

The order picker's grade ability is 25%, which means he or she can readily and securely climb up a ramp.

Fault codes are displayed on the completely electric order picker. If any equipment malfunctions, the issue will be clearly shown, making it simple to repair.

What is Aerial Order Picker used for?

An aerial order picker is an ergonomic and cost-effective solution for order picking, which is a critical aspect of warehouse operations and can account for up to 55 percent of warehouse operating expenses.

Order pickers offer adaptability and flexibility for a variety of interior applications that formerly relied on pallet trucks, mobile ladders, and other picking methods. Order picking time is reduced via faster-moving, lifting, and lowering speeds. Customers can make the most of limited storage space because of their agility in short aisles and high-level "picking skills."

The aerial order picker is the finest solution for product stacking, storage, and retrieval in small locations such as warehouses, workshops, and supermarkets since it is appropriate for the single-person operation, is adaptable and is convenient.

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What are the advantages and benefits of Aerial Order Picker? 

An order picker, also known as an Order Picker Forklift, is an excellent machine for a warehouse or distribution center that needs to locate goods quickly. They allow you to avoid the time-consuming and inconvenient procedure of loading and unloading big pallets that a forklift would need. In a warehouse, saving time is crucial to improving output. Over time, a facility's earnings will rise as it is able to fulfill more orders on a daily basis. An order picker is an excellent machine to have if your firm wants to expand its product line and inventory in your storage facility.

Order pickers are a fantastic mechanism for increasing efficiency and, as a result, profit. The more goods you can move and hence send out to clients and purchasers, the faster your warehouse can run. Order pickers have immediate access to inventory and storage, allowing them to efficiently identify, recognize, and locate goods. Because of the passage of time, more buyers and customers want things to be delivered virtually quickly on the day they are requested. It is critical to invest in the correct gear that will allow your warehouse to fulfill orders efficiently and promptly in order for items to be delivered fast. Order pickers also take up less space than forklifts, which may improve corporate productivity by making it simpler for employees to move about. Order pickers, unlike other technology, take up less room and can handle even the tightest of aisles in your business. Warehouse and distribution center managers will benefit from deploying order pickers since they will have greater organization, be able to complete more orders, and ultimately make more profit.

Aerial Order Picker

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