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Cargo Solutions Buying Guide

Cargo Solutions

HONTY LIFT freight lifting systems are engineered to solve the unique problems of transporting heavy items from ground level to any height. The cargo lifting solutions come in a variety of types, each with different basic sizes and capabilities for lifting and positioning loads up to 11,023 pounds at heights up to 33 feet. For a wide range of material handling operations in warehouses, industries, ports, railways, workshops, public spaces, or residential residences, hydraulic cargo lifts, scissor lift tables, four post lifts, and dumbwaiter lifts are available. Chat with us right now to discover the perfect lift!

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Hydraulic Scissor Lift.jpg

HONTY hydraulic scissor lifts are widely used in factories, warehouses, logistic centers, airports, and other locations for securely handling items at needed heights.

Hydraulic scissor lifts are called stationary or permanent scissor lifts because they cannot be moved in general.

Cargo Lift

HONTY hydraulic cargo lifts are guiding rail-type freight elevators that are commonly used to securely and effectively carry items between levels of structures such as warehouses and factories.

The HONTY freight lift has a sturdy frame and a high-performance engine that can raise up to 11,023 pounds and has a lifting height of 21.3 feet.

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Car Lift

Customers may use HONTY's vehicle lift systems to move cars, exhibit brand-new cars in showrooms, and park cars.

HONTY car lifts are separated into two types: guide rail and scissors. You may pick the best car lift solution for your location and usage scenario.

Car Lift.png

How many types of car lifts?

Automobile lifts come in many different styles, nevertheless, nearly all of them could be broken into a single two classes based on how they will engage the car: wheel engaging automobile lifts and body engaging style automobile lifts. Definitely, the most auto lifts coming from each category usually are four-post lifts (wheel engaging) and two-post lifts (frame engaging). Less common automobile lifts are identified as specialty lifting and include scissor lifts, lightweight lifts, mobile column lifts, in-ground lifts, together with parking lifts. This is a quick malfunction of each sort of auto lift together with what that can do to your home or organization.

 Four-post car lifts

Four-post automotive lifting offer owners plenty of versatility when this comes to heavy lifting. Generally, four-post car lifting holds higher capabilities when compared with two-post lifting due to the added support columns. They will are also extremely user-friendly due in order to the drive-on in addition to the park method regarding mounting that is usually typical for tire engaging lifts. Several quick-lube stations in addition to muffler shops favor a four-post automobile lift over another sort of an auto lift.

A four-post auto lift is as well particularly popular between hobbyists and home-users for home storage parking because that usually doesn't demand any kind involving floor anchor. Scaled-down capacity four-post pulls can even grow to be convenient with typically the addition of an optional caster offer. Due to the sound four-column design, four-post auto lifts happen to be also suitable for stocking two vehicles as soon as only the place is obtainable.

On the flip side, all of the additional making material in the construction ensures that four-post automobile lifts are generally a little bit pricier than their particular two-post brethren. In addition to if you program to apply your current four-post automotive lift up for wheel services, you will possibly want to spend money on rolling or moving bridge jacks to be able to lift the rims off the catwalk.

However, for load, mobility, and safe-keeping in your car lifting solution, you cannot do better compared to a four-post car lift.

Two-post car lift

Two-post car lifts are the most frequent form of frame-engaging auto lift that you’re very likely to find in a new professional automotive go shopping. With two amazingly strong posts and even supportive stabilization biceps and triceps, a two-post car takes you to be equipped for holding a big number of vehicles at a height that is comfortable for the particular automotive technician as well as the DIY. However, the very best reasons to personal a two-post vehicle lift would be the decreased price in comparison to four-post car lifting choices, the small horizontally footprint for simple convenience, and the particular complete, unobstructed entry to the tires.

Two-post auto lifts are either regarded as symmetrical or irregular in shape. Symmetrical automobile elevates are simple to determine since the posts encounter one another dead-on, plus the support equips assemblies each to keep approximately 50% of the load. Asymmetrical auto lifts, on the particular other hands, function swing arms which usually are not the particular same length within the front and back again, as well because of a rotated article design. The end result of the two of these capabilities is an altered center of the law of gravity (which is considered beneficial to more time, unbalanced trucks) and even better clearance intended for vehicle doors, supplying the operator primary access to typically the automobile interior perhaps when the auto or truck is raised.

Both asymmetrical and symmetrical two-post storage area lifts work excellent with lighter cars, so the differences are mostly moot until you are going to specialize in heavier, unbalanced automobiles. Two-post car lifts are certainly not very common in residential garages because they are usually much taller compared to other automotive raising options, require a lot more attention to fine detail to reach specified vehicle lifting factors, and don’t scholarship the automobile stacking comfort available on four-post garage lifts. In most cases, the two-post car or truck lift is usually quite beneficial order for garages that notice cars and pickup trucks rising and straight down the entire day.

Scissor car lifts

Scissor car lifts can tumble into either the particular wheel engaging or even frame engaging classes. Thanks to the low-profile, vehicle installation is often a simple and easy operation. Little can be required beyond the location of the car or perhaps truck over typically the scissor lift. Quite a few slight tweaking could be necessary to get frame-engaging style scissor lifts.

When not in use, scissor-style car lifting retracts into a low profile. This is ideal if you are a home user and want to be able to park your vehicle over the car lift when its lifting functions are not required. However, scissor-style lifts never ever disappear completely except if installed below the particular floor and are unable to be used in order to stack two automobiles in a slot.

Parking lifts

Both public parking setups and private garages can benefit from parking lifts. Generally, parking lifts function footprints slightly more compact than four-post automobile lifts, but the particular concept remains mainly exactly the same. The raising platform is backed by a solitary post or probably more posts plus is designed to ensure that another vehicle may be parked underneath it. Effectively, a single parking slot can do the job associated with two with the parking lift because of a home garage area parking solution or perhaps a public garage car parking solution.

Parking lifts feature a complete drive-on deck rather than two runways, therefore automotive service, maintenance, and repair will be not a cost-effective option for this sort of car lift. Entirely a wheel joining lifting method, auto parking lifts are supposed only to source for parking.

While you can discover, there are countless different rewards to take into consideration when acquiring a car elevate. Knowing your room restraints, vehicle proportions, and setting a low cost for yourself can go far in the direction of helping you decide the auto lift style that is right for you.


Food, cooking utensils, raw materials, office papers, and other items are often transferred to kitchens, offices, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, storehouses, and other locations. Dumbwaiters are often built of stainless steel to withstand steam, hot food, water, and other elements.


How does a Dumbwaiter Lift work?

It's simple to install a dumbwaiter, with installation taking only a few minutes. These lifts become a dependable element of daily operations once built, and you'll grow to rely on the benefits of the dumbwaiter experience.

The majority of older dumb waiter models rely on pulley systems and rope hauling. A dumbwaiter is a moving frame that transports objects between levels by lifting them up and down a shaft. While older systems used a pulley, more current versions of the dumbwaiter system employ an electric motor to convey objects up the shaft more efficiently.

Modern dumbwaiters can elevate any home or business, bringing a reliable and traditional process into modern-day living. While more functionally intended for the twenty-first century, these elevators still serve the important goal of transporting objects between two or more floors – and therefore their primary purpose has not been lost during modernization. The electric motors kick in with a simple touch of a button, and away they go.

Commercial dumbwaiters are frequently seen in hospitality settings, in addition to residential dumbwaiters.

They're useful in the service business since they eliminate the need to physically bring food and beverages to the needed floor via a staircase. It is a safer approach for both employees and members of the public, and it allows employees to use their spare time to perform other tasks. When a dumbwaiter can transport your meal across levels, there's no need to carry it yourself.

It is important to clean your dumbwaiter on a regular basis in order to maintain its health. Cleaning is vital for infection control since most people use their dumb waiter as an elevator to transfer meals between floors.

Post Lift for Cargo

Warehouses, factories, vertical manufacturing lines, and any other structure that requires material handling. Our lift products are designed and manufactured with safety and efficiency in mind. For various job requirements, a customized solution is provided.

Cargo Solutions Application

HONTY cargo lifts, goods lifts, scissor lift tables, four post lifts, and vehicle lifts are commonly used in garages, workshops, warehouses, and factories because of their high-strength structure and dependable drive system.

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