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Inclined Platform Lift Buying Guide

An Inclined Platform Lift

What is an Inclined Platform Lift?

Inclined platform lifts, like a flying carpet, take a wheelchair user over an existing stair on a level platform —a little like a flying carpet. When the inclined lift is not in use, the platform folds up, leaving the stairs open and accessible.

Inclined platform lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as in-home and commercial situations. Inclined platform lifts, like stairlifts, can be used on both straight and curved staircases.

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How does an Inclined Platform Lift work?

A simple design comprising a rail and a fold-out surface distinguishes an inclined platform lift. These versions are suitable for floor-to-floor use, such as entering a building from the exterior and traveling along the ground to a second story, whether straight or curved.

Many people are curious about how an inclined lift works:

Using a Motor

The motor that propels the platform down a track is at the heart of the operation. In most cases, systems are battery-powered in some way, charging continuously to provide a backup plan in the event of a power loss.

Furthermore, because the motor-powered design eliminates the requirement for a machine room, installation is simple and quick.

With the use of a rail and platform

The foundation for an inclined platform lift comprises two major components after you get to know the motor. One is a compact platform that folds down for use and up once the user arrives at his or her destination.

Platforms include a textured surface for enhanced friction and a little ramp for stepping on and off to keep the user safe.

A steel or aluminum rail transports the user to this location. To move the platform from one floor to another, most use a rack-and-pinion drive system. When the lift reaches the next floor, an automated brake ensures that it comes to a complete stop.

Because of this configuration, installing the lift in your home or business requires minimum structural alterations, and the lift can typically be installed as-is.

There are two types of inclined platform lifts available from HONTY: a conventional straight model and a custom curved model. If you are interested in these two kinds of lifts now and get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like a quote.

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What is the Inclined Platform Lift used for?

Inclined Platforms and Wheelchair Lifts

Looking for an inclined platform lift to transfer a wheelchair up a flight of stairs without exerting too much effort? If you answered yes, this platform inclined wheelchair lift might be right for you. This lift, which is part of our large inventory of elevators and lifts for sale, is one of the most practical options for customers looking for a high-quality inclined wheelchair lift. Today is the best time to buy a platform lift online and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer!

These inclined platform lifts can take a wheelchair up a straight flight of stairs, making them ideal for usage at home and in some small offices. This inclined platform lift easily attaches to the steps and the wall, allowing it to be installed and utilized practically immediately. When not in use, the platform of these inclined wheelchair lifts can be folded out of the way. As a result, it may be utilized in both high- and low-traffic locations with relative ease.

The HONTY platform wheelchair lift enables customers to provide the best solution for persons who use wheelchairs but must work or live in an environment that includes one or more steps. It enables such people to easily climb stairs, allowing them to keep their independence. With these inclined wheelchair lifts, you can purchase with confidence, knowing that you're helping a lot of people.

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What are the advantages and benefits of the Inclined Platform Lift?

The Advantages of an Inclined Platform Lift

The Inclined Platform Lift differs from the vertical platform lift in its operation. In contrast to the vertical lift, which travels up and down on a flat, vertical surface, inclined platform lifts are attached to a set of stairs and climb up the staircase. They must be connected to a stairway that is broad enough to accommodate them and has enough room for non-lift users.

Inclined Platform Lifts are preferable to elevators in structures that cannot handle a vertical lift since they are less expensive and take up less space. The wheelchair is locked in place by a ramp plate on the platform. To go up or down, the user presses a button to go up or down and the lift guides her smoothly along the staircase.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Inclined Platform Lift:

Provides a wheelchair user with independent and safe access to any building.

It is simple to operate and may be done by a wheelchair user.

When not in use, the lift platform and barrier fold neatly against the smooth running track.

It can be used on both curved and straight staircases.

Barrier arms and higher ramps protect the stairlift user and lockdown before the platform moves, making it completely secure for them.

With a unique helical drive system that makes your every trip smooth and comfortable, HONTY LIFT offers a wide variety of lifts that exactly match the needs of your house. It offers great comfort and efficiency with a wide range of lifts that precisely match the needs of your home. It has a number of safety features, including safety sensors that halt the lift when it comes into contact with an object and easy-to-read and operate indication lights. The seat swivels and is height-adjustable for easy exit and access.

Wheelchair Lift Safety Features

Our Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts come with an automatic front or side-folding ramp and guard that locks firmly in place while in use.

- An emergency stop button is provided on every wheelchair lift.

- A battery backup is included as standard.

— Key-operated controls are available as an option for added security.

- Chain slack/broken safety

- Platform safety features that are redundant.

- Platform apron for safety.

— There is an over-speed governor.

- Limit switches (upper and lower).

— Safety switch for over-the-road travel.

- A clutch for safety.

When our Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts are not in use, each of the two rails takes up only 400mm of stair width, assuring the safety and convenience of family members and others walking the steps.

The HONTY Inclined Platform Lift is also aesthetically pleasing and useful. All of the operating mechanisms are hidden to provide a smooth, elegant appearance as well as the highest level of safety in the home.

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How much does an Inclined Platform Lift cost? 

To meet your needs and the design and layout of your building, you can pick between vertical or inclined lift systems for residential and commercial use. You will be able to choose from a variety of models.

The cost of an inclined wheelchair lift varies depending on the distance traveled. Residential types with straight tracks are the most cost-effective because they transport people between floors via a modest set of stairs length.

Inclined Platform Lift

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