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Liftboy Buying Guide

You need to know about Liftboy

What is a Liftboy?

The Liftboy Vertical Platform Lift is designed to safely transport a wheelchair and a person. Glass inserts in the sidewalls and upper gate give the lift a contemporary look. The Liftboy can be supplied with a platform gate in addition to the motorized folding ramp.

This lift is suitable for installations in public and commercial buildings, as well as private homes, this lift suits virtually any project requirements and aesthetic needs and is to serve with its reliable performance, ease of use, and range of finish options.

For lifting heights up to 970 mm, this solution is ideal. 

It is available in all RAL colors and may be used both inside and outside.

Because of its lightweight, it is easy to travel between locations.

There are no floor bolts required.

When ramps are too steep or long, and traditional vertical platform lifts are unavailable or too expensive, the Liftboy is the ideal option.

The liftboy can be used both indoors and outdoors to cross height ranges of up to 970mm. The Liftboy can be modified with transport wheels as a mobile site to make transportation to the storage location easier.


What are the advantages and benefits of Liftboy? 

Product Description

The Liftboy is the ideal answer when ramps are too long or steep, or when stairlifts or elevators are unnecessary due to a slight height difference. The Liftboy has a built-in battery that charges while connected to a power source. The user is moved up and down using a secret scissor lift. The lift is controlled by a handheld device on a long spiral wire, or it can be connected with a control pillar.


1. For lifting heights up to 830mm, this is the perfect solution.

2. Wheels for transport available

3. Because of its lightweight, it is easy to transfer between sites.

4. There are no floor anchors required.

5. Types for indoor and outdoor use

6. Rail comes in a variety of colors.

7. Access ramp by gravity

8. On the higher level, there is a gate.

9. Access ramp that is extra-long

10. On both levels, there is a side entry and exit.

11. It is feasible to enter and exit at a 90-degree angle.

12. Hall calls that can be operated remotely

13. Easy to set up

14. Optional safety bar affixed to the platform

Features and functions

No change in lift behavior 

Retrofittable without intervention in the lift control system

Allows for a more efficient lift operation

Enhances the value of any architecture

Enhances accessibility (e.g. for wheelchair users who have difficulty reaching buttons)

For visually challenged and blind users, an app with narration increases usability.

It can also be used to hoist a group of people.

Using the app, manually call for a lift and select a floor.

In the app, you can choose between automatic mode and favorites.

LiftBoy functionality is available on several floors (e.g. only between the entrance, garage, and penthouse)


Technical parameters and specification guide of Liftboy

The Liftboy is a one-of-a-kind vertical platform lift with a 1200mm lifting height. The two electric actuators power this double-scissor lifting table, which has a collapsed height of only 120mm.

The lift is built in accordance with European standards. It is thus appropriate for both public and private installations, and its sleek and strong design meets the highest customer aesthetic and durability standards.

Lifting heights of up to 1200mm are possible.

Double-scissor electrical drive

The platform is stable and reliable

Platforms of up to 1100x1400mm are available.

The ramp that folds automatically

On the platform, there is an optional gate.

Automatic gate openers are available as an option.

Power supply and platform lowering in case of emergency

technical requirements

1200 mm is the maximum lifting height.

25 mm/s lifting speed

250 kg maximum loading capacity

Surface treatment: any RAL color is an option.

Drive:2 x 24V actuators

Power supply:2 x 12V batteries on the platform

Platfrom width:1100mm

Platform length:1400mm


Safety function

Curtains for safety

If the platform is in the highest position and drives down, the pre-assembled safety curtains ensure that no one is trapped.

For downward movement, there is a safety contact bar.

This feature is normally encouraged, but it is required if the platform is in a pit or close to a shearing edge. If a person or an object is jammed during the platform's downward stroke, the downward movement is promptly stopped if the contact bars are activated.

The "UP" button must be pressed in order to turn off the safety feature. The object can now be removed, triggering the contact bar.

Protection against overload

The overload current on the platform motor is set to detect overload during the lift's upward movement and switch. The only downward movement will be allowed at that point.

Opening of an access ramp as an emergency exit

A bolt-on actuator is used to mount the access ramp. The access ramp will open after this bolt is screwed off. The individual on the platform can then be assisted to exit the lift. This will necessitate the assistance of a number of people.


If a fuse blows, the cause must be investigated by qualified personnel. Before the platform may be used again, only qualified personnel can replace the fuse.

User/emergency assistance – back-up emergency 

One or more responsible individuals must be educated on how to properly operate the platform. Every emergency circumstance necessitates the presence of the responsible person, who must be approachable by phone or by contact. The user must know the name of the person who is responsible.

In the event of power outages, we recommend that the user have a battery backup, which varies depending on the platform lift.


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