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What is a lift platform?

A lifting platform is a type of multi-functional machinery that can be used for lifting and loading people or goods in a vertical form. The lifting platform can be split into fixed and mobile types. They are utilized for special tailgates of vehicles and transport heavy goods to higher loading areas.

How many types of Lift Platform?

Boom Lift. Also referred to as “the spider,” a boom lift has four legs and a bucket on the end.

Articulated Boom Lift.

Telescopic Boom Lift.

Scissor Lift.

Aerial Platform.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Telescopic Forklifts

How does a lift platform work

You will find three main types of lift system drive systems, each suited to different specifications, and each with its own advantages and downsides. Modern lift programs are operated using electronic controls which send signals to a main processor chip unit. This device initiates the power generators or pumps to move the system between levels.

Hydraulic drive system

Regarding this system, the lift platform is attached to a hydraulic ram. To go the lift, hydraulic fluid is pressed with a pump from the main tank into the ram memory. The pressure stretches the ram and causes the lift up to rise; the flow is then reversed to lower the lift.

The main disadvantage of this system is that the mechanism requires extra space, and sometimes the hydraulic fluid can provide off an odor in hot weather.

Screw and nut drive system

This lifts up utilizes a high screw pole that runs the duration of the base. A motor on the platform hard drives a nut mounted on the screw. Once the motor turns the nut, the lift up will go either up or down, based on the direction it is turning. Setting up this technique often requires a supporting wall, especially on extended travel lifts, to stabilize the system.

The disadvantage to this strategy is that the thread on the screw and drive nut is prone to damage, needing routine lubrication, often by a self-lubricating system.

Encapsulated chain drive system

The final system is the encapsulated chain drive system. This system makes use of a chain that is encased in a highly-durable polyurethane plastic casing which guides the chain and ensures it does not slip. A motor and gearbox turn a drive shaft to which the string is attached. Since the drive base rotates, the restaurants are either taken or pushed, moving the platform upward or down.

The benefit of this system is that the sturdiness allows a far longer guarantee on the drive system.

What are the advantages and benefits of platform work?


Protection against injury: Raise tables to help keep injuries away. These people are safe to use and eliminate the chances of accidents, thereby stopping injuries or casualties to the course personnel.

Stable system: A good start table supplies a steady platform, which reduces the chances of accidents.

Adjustment of height: Their elevation can be modified per the will of the consumer. These people can be elevated and lowered as desired. Moreover, they tend to keep their height even if there is a power failure, therefore, curtailing the probability of unintentional hazards.

Obtainable in a wide range: These types of machines are available in a variety of raising capacities.

Programming: Lift tables can be programmed to perform special movements like lowering and raising tables.

High range: A scissor lift enjoys a high range of straight movement; they can be put to level the floor and can be raised to desired heights to raise workpieces.

Low maintenance: Lift tables do not require any heavy maintenance costs. They may be durable, durable, and reliable and they can be easily used for several years.

Technical parameters and specification guide

Skills requirement

Requirements for working conditions:

Ambient temperature is -20 C~40 C;

The altitude is not more than 1000m;

Ambient relative humidity not more than 90% (20"C);

The allowable fluctuation value of the power supply voltage is ±10%.

For working platforms that are placed outdoors for a long time, the working environment conditions shall comply with the manufacturer's specific regulations.

The working platform shall comply with the requirements of this standard and be manufactured according to the drawings and documents approved by the prescribed procedure design.

All standard parts and purchased parts should have the manufacturer's certificate of conformity, and if necessary, carry out random inspection and confirm that they are qualified before use.

 The raw materials used should have a material certificate. If substitute materials are used, their main technical properties should not be lower than the original design requirements.

Appearance quality requirements:

The coating should comply with the provisions of JB/T 5946;

The exposed non-matching metal surface should be treated with anti-rust treatment;

The welding quality should meet the requirements of JB/T 5943:

The casting quality shall comply with the provisions of JB/T 5937 and JB/T 5939.

Manufacturing Assembly Quality Requirements:

The pipelines of the hydraulic system should be arranged neatly and reasonably, and the connections should be tight and firm. The components and components should be disassembled and assembled separately, and the maintenance should be convenient;

The signs and signs of the working platform should be installed firmly, straight, eye-catching, and clear.

How much does a lift platform cost?

It’s difficult to put a price on platform lifts – especially when there are many factors that contribute to the overall cost.

To put the cost of a lift platform into perspective, please remember to incorporate the cost of the lift itself with the cost of building work. Here are some of the main factors that affect the overall cost:

  1. Distance (height)

  2. Entrance (number of doors)

  3. Power

  4. Style

  5. Size of the pit (required or not)

  6. Structural wall (required or not)

  7. Electrical

  8. Installation

  9. Ownership

We will of course provide professional advice on all of the above items. Contact us today so that we can discuss your requirements and provide you with accurate costs.

How to choose a lift platform.

With the development of social science and technology, the lifting platform has been popularized in every corner of social life, and its application has become more and more extensive. Whether it is construction, civil engineering, or people's daily life, lifting machinery is inseparable. Many businesses have seized this business opportunity. Invested in the establishment of factories, and then the elevator machinery companies have been established in major industrial cities like bamboo shoots after a rain. The elevator market is extremely hot and the supply is in short supply. It can be seen from the side that the rapid development of society has driven the development of the entire industry and people's needs. However, As a buyer, how to choose a good lifting machine among the company's products has become an important topic today.

1: When purchasing lifting machinery, you cannot buy it blindly. It is necessary to do sufficient market research and on-the-spot investigation to determine the scale of the company and its degree of credibility. This is first and foremost. Many small-scale enterprises in the market cut corners in order to seek violence, which greatly reduces the quality of lifting products. Although they will sell very cheaply, this kind of machinery does not take long and has a high-risk factor. . Therefore, as a purchaser, you can't covet a little bit of cheapness and lead to greater regrets.

2: Based on the information you have investigated, choose a lifting machine with better cost-effectiveness. You must choose its technical parameters, practicability, and versatility. Usually, there are many kinds of lifting machines, including (vehicle-mounted, stationary, hydraulic, Scissor type, etc.) The technical parameters and uses of each are slightly different, but there are also many similar functions. Therefore, as a customer, you should purchase with a purpose, that is, what do you do when you buy a lifting mechanical type? and which lifting machinery can meet your needs and have many uses.

3: The last point is that after the equipment arrives, check whether the random technical data is complete, whether the random accessories, tools, and accessories are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories are damaged or defective, etc., and do a good job of unpacking and acceptance, record.

How to use a lift platform for working?

Have you ever acquired a new cargo lift to deal with goods? Have once suffered from a lift car accident? And have absolutely been struggling by improper functioning of cargo elevate during work? A lot of new users and even experienced shipment lift users will confront problems that how that is known to use the shipment lift rightly to manage goods in an efficient and safe way.

The cargo lift company cares to read more about whether they can obtain the settlement in time than teaching you how to control his machine. Some symbolic functioning manuals will be offered routinely or perfunctorily or whatever. Things may become worse if the manual is a scribble.

Then how should users operate goods lifts in their parts and according to individual needs? We will discuss it in the subsequent aspects:

1. Study from the goods lift itself and experienced users

2. Operation training is the main

3. Never power your cargo elevate

4. Regulations on cargo lift functioning from the Health and fitness and Safety Authority

1. Learn from the goods elevate itself and experienced users

The goods lift has it is own “personality”, individuals from different manufacturers. You should dig out your shipment lift’s work features, combining associated with it is specifications, structures, functions, and work sites. Also talk to experienced users from local people, which can smooth the way you know about the lift equipment. Product or service knowledge and users’ functioning experience can be stepping gems for your handling your own shipment lift.

2. Operation training is the core

What can be called “you learned how to use the goods lift”? Reading the functioning manual while pushing the keys on the control panel of the cargo lift, and next time you won’t even require the manual. Almost all users learn to operate the lift platform in this risky way. It is very wrong at the very least incomplete. Why not invest some time acquiring professional training to avoid potential risks? By the right functioning steps to basic safety guidelines, all cargo lift functioning is possible via systematic training.

3. Never force your cargo lift

In the course of daily work, the cargo lift can not overload in the case of injuries or risk piling up. Do not power it to insert a little more goods beyond it is capacity. In case any subtle breakdown had taken place, maintain it immediately to avoid big accidents. In any other case, even a simple fault can cause big mistakes.

4. Regulations on cargo lift operation from the Health and Safety Authority

Under no circumstances should goods lifts be used for carrying individuals unless they meet all certain requirements for passenger lifts. Most employees should be evidently instructed on the dangers of inappropriate use of products lifts.

Take you which are not suitable for lifting folks shall be evidently marked to this effect.

Employers are required to maintain a register of lifting equipment which shall also be kept designed for evaluation by an HSA inspector.

Employers who currently have either passenger or goods lifts on their premises should ensure they own undergone the required thorough assessment and that the risks associated with the use of such lifts are addressed in the protection Statement to ensure that these risks are manipulated.

Therefore, there are many safeguards to guarantee safe and good working out with work other than using the control panel to control the cargo lift. Intended for more information about the cargo elevate, much more our website or let us know directly.

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