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Self Propelled Scissor Lifts Buying Guide

Self Propelled Scissor Lifts

What is a Self Propelled Scissor Lifts?


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As the name implies, the self-propelled scissor lift platform is a member of the scissor lift family with additional travel capacity powered by battery power or manual power. With its 90° turning radius, it usually does not require outriggers to support a specific platform, making it compact enough to work through narrow doorways in addition to small sites. Its training power can be selected between AC and battery. These describe their self-propulsion function at work. The common hydraulic scissor lift platform, on the other hand, has a platform size, heavy-duty capacity, and training height that can almost always be personalized to the customer's work needs. Self-propelled scissor lifts are traditionally used for aerial maintenance and construction work, where crews are typically lifted safely to an aerial workplace sitting on a platform.



How does a Self Propelled Scissor Lifts work?


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Self propelled scissor lift wheels and batteries


The imported rubber wheels are used to be used with no trace and no break to the floor, the wheels move and turn effortlessly with no noises with no stuck.


4 batteries are needed for the electric scissor lift, a total of 12-V, Chinese famous brand Mingtai battery or Trojan battery for your decision. With a charging protection phone charger, you may demand the lift at night and utilize it in the daytime.


Self propelled scissor lift operation manual


1. Make sure that the batteries are fully charged, the operator is well trained, and the significant space is safe for high work.


2. Switch on the main power switch and two unexpected emergency buttons.


3. Verify you will control it from the ground or system, and turn the switch to the right side.


4. Operate the scissor lift up, down, and move as standards.


Self propelled scissor lift maintenance


1. Check each time before utilizing a scissor lift to see if theres any abnormal sound.


2. Check the slipping blocks on the platform and body to see if theres enough lubricant.


3. Change the hydraulic oil after half of per year since you first use the lift up, then change it every 1-2 years based on the frequency of use.


4. Check the hydraulic system, power system, and oil cylinder every 30 days to verify if theres any damage.


5. Retail store it indoors and operate it at least once per month to ensure the life of the battery you should definitely be in use for a long time.


As scissor lifts become more frequently seen in public environments, safe handling and appropriate training are best. Operators who operate environments such as shopping centers or supermarkets may be required to work alongside pedestrians regularly. Obtaining the appropriate qualifications for the scissor lift not only benefits the operator but serves to maximize the safety of those people who may be working, shopping, or simply walking close by.



What is Self Propelled Scissor Lifts used for?


Self-propelled scissor lift makes many difficult and dangerous tasks easier, such as indoor and outdoor cleaning (ceilings, curtain wall surfaces, glazing, eaves, awnings, chimneys, etc. ), billboard installation, vehicle repairs, and maintenance, avenue lights and traffic signs repairs and maintenance, etc. This kind of lifting platform is seen for its small size, flexibility, and convenience. You can make use of it as opposed to scaffolding to reach the peak you need and solve your problems. As well, you can save your expenses and valuable time.


The self-propelled scissor lift has the following features:


A self-propelled scissor lift has the function of computerized walking, and it can travel quickly and slowly under different working conditions. One person can operate the machine consistently to perform working out with, advancing, retreating, steerage, etc. while working at height. As opposed to the traditional hydraulic platform, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the number of operators and toil intensity are reduced. Its especially well suited for a variety of high-altitude ongoing businesses such as airport terminals, areas, terminals, shopping department stores, stadiums, homes, industries, and mines.


Variable frequency speed


That only needs a single person to operate, all those things are manipulated by the operating handle on the workbench, and the motor is consistently variable. Properly extend living of the battery and motor, the motor unit only consumes energy during operation.


Extended platform


The working platform can be moved out and about, expanding the opportunity of work to meet the special needs of some users.


Green environmental protection


The machine is powered by a DC battery power, this machine can be safely and quietly well suited for indoor or outdoor work.



What are the advantages and benefits of Self Propelled Scissor Lifts?


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Work efficiency: only one worker is enough to operate and put it to use by a platform control -panel, and the considerable site and training height can both be adjusted flexibly.


Safety: the strong scissor structure of our own self-moving scissor lifting is made from high grade stainless steel to support the platform stably, and Emergency Stop Control device can lower the platform when an emergency happens or power faults; also safety devices such as guardrails, anti-skid platform surface, interlock as well as so on are a dependable guarantee of workers safety.


Easy maintenance: aside from substitutes of quick-wear elements, the machine can be maintained easily by referring to the upkeep manual/video.


Convenient storage: the machines compact construction after being completely retracted only will take up a little room to store it.


Self propelled scissor lift details


An electric scissor lift is constructed of many elements, roughly divided into three parts: system, scissor support, and chassis.


Within the system, there's a PCU control joystick, you might drive and operate the scissor lift up with it. The particular standard height of a guardrail is 1. 1m it will be folded to save lots of storage space. Likewise, the extendable desk gives you a larger working room on the system, you could reach a 900mm far place.


About the scissor support, we embrace chrome-plated cylinders, Q345 high quality square steel tube, Double-layer steel mesh explosion-proof tubing, and maintenance free shaft pin to guarantee the service life and safe practices. If something dangerous happens, the scissors will be secured immediately to protect the working platform from slipping.


In the chassis, there are the key electronic digital control system and batteries. On one side, it comes with an engine oil tank, pump rail station, valve system, hydraulic oil filter, buzzer, trumpet, working terms consensual, and ECU main control. On the reverse side, there is four battery power, which is the key power of the scissor lift. As well, theres a control and main electric power switch on the chassis, you can operate the pick up by this control too.


Self powered scissor lift platform and scissor support



The platform comes with an anti-slip precious stone structure steel plate, and a baffle denture to protect the equipment from dropping. Some sort of self-locking door allows you to work. Typically the guardrail is 1m in level and made of 35x35mm rectangular material tube. An expandable table helps you to reach a longer working distance.


The scissor support is made of Q345 high quality manganese steels, with electrophoretic technique, it is waterproof and rustproof. Also, we have another model which uses hit blasting and electrostatic spraying techniques to eliminate the rust. An individual can choose either of the models you like.


Self propelled scissor lift oil tube and shaft pin


High-pressure explosion-proof double-layer steel mesh engine oil tube and engine oil return tube promise people not be oil leakage or danger and boost the use of hydraulic oil. It can be economical and ecological.


We use a maintenance-free and sodium bath nitriding treatment shaft pin to hook up the scissors, which is durable and can save maintenance costs.

Self Propelled Scissor Lifts

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