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aluminum aerial platform lifts Buying Guide

Aluminum alloy lift

What is an Aluminum alloy lift?

The aluminum alloy lift stands out among all sorts of lift equipment because of its pretty small size, high-strength lightweight aluminum, and easy handiness. Differing from the common lightweight aluminum we see in life, it's high-strength aluminum material is harder and light in essence, which contributes to the popularity of lightweight aluminum alloy lifts in industrial and commercial circles.

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How many types of Aluminum alloy lift?

Single-mast aluminum alloy lift

Single-post aluminum mix lift is the most frequent type in simple fact and generally can elevate one staff to 6m, 8m, or 10m in aerial jobs. Projected lifting height can vary from 3m to 10m. This manner possesses the most basic dimension which steps flexibly in small places. Also, only one worker can stand on the lift platform to implement maintenance or cleaning work.

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Double-mast aluminum alloy lift

Double-post aluminum mix lift is yet another common vertical lift stand whose lifting level can be 6m, 8m, and 12m. The estimated lifting level can vary from 6m to 14m. Compared with single-post aluminum alloy lift up, this kind tends to have a larger system but the same flexibility.

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Three-mast aluminum alloy lift 

Although three-post aluminum alloy lifts are greater in size, they actually have special advantages in considerable aerial jobs. For example, in case a bigger size lift system is required, multiple posts can boost the steadiness and protection in aerial maintenance, inspection, and cleaning work. In addition, multiple posts allow higher and more secure lifting heights from 12m to 20m.

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Four-mast aluminum alloy lift:

The entire is refined with high-strength aluminum users. Due to the visible strength, the four-mast structure is adopted, which has excellent stability, versatile operation, large fill capacity, large system area, and convenient implementation. Using its light appearance, it can exert the greatest training capacity in an exceedingly small space. Associated with deviation and swing of the lifting system extremely small. High-altitude procedures such as single-person work such as high-altitude cleaning.

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Multi-mast aluminum alloy lift:

The entire is refined with a high-strength aluminum user profile. Due to the visible strength, the four-mast structure is adopted, which has excellent stability, versatile operation, large fill capacity, large system area, and convenient implementation. Using its light appearance, it can exert the greatest training capacity in an exceedingly small space. Associated with deviation and swing of the lifting system extremely small. The particular lift is extensively used in industrial facilities, hotels, buildings, department stores, stations, international airports, stadiums, etc. This can be used for high-altitude procedures such as setting up repairs and maintenance of power outlines, lighting appliances, the cost to do business pipelines, and high-altitude cleaning.

Generally, aluminum alloy lifts are generally created with lighter weight, small dimensions, and a beautiful appearance. These people can simply experience filter doors or lifts in airports, channels, hotels, theaters, museums, and more. And when finishing the work, they can be retracted and stored in a small space.

What is the Aluminum alloy lift used for?

It can be mainly used for the installation maintenance tasks and maintenance of the narrow spots such as legend hotels, modern workshops, business halls, hotels, lobbies, restaurants, train stations, exhibition halls, and departmental stores, it is a good helper with the equipment maintenance, paint decoration; Simply go through the regular doors and elevators, of low energy consumption, no pollution, do no damage to the causes. The mast-type aerial work platform can promise function safe practices, improve work efficiency, and create a work area safe, convenient, and fast.

The moving height ranges from 4m to 20m and the moving capacity differs from 100 to 200kg. The power options could be 220V, 380V, or chargeable batteries.

What are the advantages and benefits of Aluminum alloy lift? 

The particular aluminum alloy lift is a flexible man lift system that has the following 7 advantages:

1. Lightweight structure

The aluminum mast lift is with hard aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, which is highlighted as lightweight, can be installed easily, and space-saving storage area. One operator is enough to use and move the elevate flexibly. The lightweight aluminum masts and the chassis both are lightweight that would not crush the land surface.

2. Stable aluminum alloy lift design

No matter one mast aluminum combination lift, double masts aluminum alloy elevate, or more masts versions, our skilled technical team designs and manufactures the lift with hi-strength joints and components. The appearance of the promoting mechanism is clinical and user-friendly by taking real software into full thought, which also makes the overall composition safe and secure.

3. Quick and easy installation

The overall structure switches into the “building block” system design; the parts are standardized, and there are no loose pieces. Without any assembly tools, two can build a 20-meter aerial work program very quickly.

4. Aluminum alloy lifts are easy to move

The top to bottom mast lift is equipped with very high-strength brake casters that can be moved and secured at will, simple to use consistently in multiple different locations.

5. Aluminum alloy lifts are highly adaptable

The peak of supporting legs can be adjusted readily and is structured on steps, stairways, and complex terrains. Polyurethane casters aid to avoid damage to the floor such as marble, wooden flooring, and lawns. The particular lift offers easy access to thin spaces (such as elevators, doors, and so on. ) to carry out various aerial work.

6. Flexible construction combination

Aluminum metal lifts can be specially designed and special work requirements of the consumer or maybe the operational requirements of various terrains and environments.

7. Anti-rust with little maintenance

All the parts of the lift adopt a specially anti-oxidation treatment, free from rust and chemical corrosion; important joints are solid chance blasting castings. Aluminum alloy aerial work platform products have a service life of more than 30 years with little maintenance.

If you are rightly looking for a portable and reliable aerial platform, an aluminum metal lift is a good choice that is worth considering. Any questions relating to this equipment, we are prepared to offer professional solutions.

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How to choose an Aluminum alloy lift? 

What are usually the Aluminum Metal elevator purchase factors:

Aluminum alloy lift with high power and high high quality aluminum alloy components, with beautiful look, small size, light-weight, flexible operation, simple to implement. Lifting will be stable, safe plus reliable, and therefore on. It will be a lightsome look and can screen the highest raising ability in the particular minimum space. Along with the rapid progress of society, Aluminum Metal lift is a lot more and much more widely utilized, whether in structures, civil engineering, plus people's everyday life almost all cannot do without having hydraulic lifting equipment. As buyers exactly how to select a great lifting equipment producer in many associated with the company's option of lifting gear has become an essential topic today.

1: the purchase of machinery, which can not be blindly purchased, to do complete researching the marketplace, as well as field trips, figure out the size associated with the organization, and the credibility. It is necessary plus necessary, that this marketplace now many minor enterprises to look for violence and reduce corners, thereby boosting the standard of products significantly reduced, even though will certainly sell very inexpensive, the mechanical period used is not really long, as well as the danger coefficient. Therefore, a buyer can not just for a little cheaper price and lead to greater regret.

2: you need to investigate lifting machinery, select better cost, ought to be selected through the technical guidelines and its functionality and versatility, generally Aluminum Alloy raising machinery to have numerous kinds, including (vehicle lifts, fixed lifter, hydraulic lifting system, scissor lift technologies, etc. ) the particular parameters and utilizes of each are usually slightly different, yet additionally, there are many practical similarities, therefore, be a customer, you have to purchase using the purpose, that will you buy in order to do what kind of lifting equipment, lifting machinery plus which can fulfill your requirements and use.

3: after the particular arrival of package acceptance to examine technical documents are usually complete, accessories, equipment, accessories constant along with inventory, equipment plus accessories for harm, defects, and create the acceptance information.

Aluminum Alloy lift is popular within factories, hotels, dining places, stations, theaters, art galleries, and other locations, is the most secure maintenance tool, with regard to paint decoration, alternative lamps, appliances, cleaning, repairs, and maintenance purposes.

aluminum aerial platform lifts

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