Chair Stair Lift Cost

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A straight stair lift installed in the home typically costs about $3,000 or more.

A curved lift cost varies based on many factors, but prices start around $6,500 and increase with the complexity of your stairs and optional features.

Of course, buying a stairlift with more features costs extra, but is often worth the price if the lift will be used multiple times each day.

What is the factors of affecting the price?

1-Types of the stair lift

Straight stair lifts are the most common stair lift and are perfect fit for your staircase with no turns and level landing.

As a result of needing less customization, straight stair lifts are also less expensive than a curved stair lift.

2-The length of the staircase

As we all known,the lift travels on a track fixed to the stairs alongside the stairway.

The longer the stair is, the more expensive the material costs.

3-Optional configuration cost

Many stairlifts include comfort and convenience features, but whether a feature is standard or optional, it may affect the final price.

While swivel seats, safety belts, and a battery backup usually come standard

The larger load capacity,the faster speed is optional.


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