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Customized Solutions

cargo lift.pngIntroduction

HONTY LIFT freight lifting systems are engineered to solve the unique problems of transporting large loads from ground level to any height. The cargo lifting solutions come in a variety of types, each with different basic sizes and capabilities for lifting and positioning loads up to 11,023 pounds at heights up to 33 feet. For a wide range of material handling operations in warehouses, industries, ports, railways, workshops, public spaces, or residential residences, hydraulic cargo lifts, scissor lift tables, four post lifts, and dumbwaiter lifts are available. Chat with us now to discover the right lift!

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

HONTY hydraulic scissor lifts are widely used in factories, warehouses, logistic centers, airports, and other locations for securely handling items at needed heights.

Hydraulic scissor lifts are called stationary or permanent scissor lifts because they cannot be moved in general.


With outstanding performance and precision, the IP65 grade control panel controls the platform raising and lowering.

The hydraulic power unit is very efficient and has a high operating pressure with little chance of leakage.

Hydraulic cylinder system with heavy workload delivers smooth performance and long service duration.

24V safety operation voltage is provided via a waterproof electric control box. The box has an emergency button and a malfunctioning buzzer.

If a hydraulic pipe is broken, and anti-explosion electromagnetic valve can prevent oil leaks. It can also prevent the platform from collapsing.

Scissor Lift Table Introduction

Scissor lift tables are used to lift and lower products to specified heights while keeping the operator safe. The top platform, bottom frame, scissor mechanism triggered by one or more cylinders, and hydraulic motor are the essential components. Scissor lift tables have become commonplace in a wide range of sectors. In many circumstances, they are the greatest alternative for manual load handling while adhering to all safety criteria for operation, cost-saving, operator safety, and health during work.

Scissor Lift Table.jpg

Cargo Lift

HONTY hydraulic cargo lifts are guided rail-type freight elevators that are frequently used to carry items between levels of structures such as warehouses and factories in a safe and efficient manner.

The HONTY freight lift has a sturdy frame and a high-performance engine that can raise up to 11,023 pounds and has a lifting height of 21.3 feet.


CE certification and quality verification; safe and smooth rising and lowering;

Technical support and after-sales service available 24/7;

Stable running is ensured by rugged leaf chain and wire rope.

The PLC control system ensures safe and consistent operation.

Customized service provides you with a better way to handle your goods.

Cargo Lifts For Sale

A cargo lift is a low-floor goods transportation device that is both cost-effective and practical. We provide numerous models and possible customizations to achieve better uses depending on the installation environment and usage needs of the excellent lift. Lifts 11, 023 pounds of goods to several levels up to 33 feet in height. We'll do everything we can to create a highly effective product distribution platform for you. Request a free 3D design.

Cargo Lifts.png

Car Lifts Introduction

A HONTYLIFT hydraulic car lift is perfect for use in a residential garage, car mezzanine lift, parking garage, auto 4S store lift, automotive repair shop, workshop car lift, vehicle lift, and other applications.

Each of our range of car lifts provides rugged, safe, reliable, and cost-effective support for your car lifting needs, whether you’re buying a lifting solution for vehicle storage, exhibit, maintenance, or vehicle repairs, pit-mounted or surface-mounted, you can always find a suitable car elevate here.

4 Post Car Lift

A guide rail type hydraulic lifting platform for vertical transportation of autos and commercial vehicles is the HONTYLIFT 4 post car lift. It transports automobiles from one floor to the next at multi-story parking lots, car storage facilities, large-tonnage automobile or truck repair and maintenance facilities, private garages, auto dealerships, auto 4S shops, and other locations. Large weights, good safety performance, reliable lifting, and simple operation distinguish this type of four-post vehicle lift. HONTYLIFT 4 post car lifts, whether installed indoors or outdoors, give a great vehicle transportation experience.

Scissor Car Lift

A car mezzanine lift, such as the HONTYLIFT scissor car lift, is designed to carry cars between low-level levels. They are very safe, easy, and convenient to install and maintain, with sturdy structures to sustain heavy loads. Scissor car lifts are an affordable and practical vehicle transfer solution for automobile 4S shops, car showrooms, and garages, among other places.

Double Deck Scissor Car Lift

The HONTY LIFT double deck scissor lift is an excellent automobile lift for gaining access to an underground garage quickly and easily. HONTY LIFT double deck scissor lifts are specifically utilized for day-to-day residential applications as a solution for optimizing available space, parking autos, and ensuring protection for exclusive and/or seasonal vehicles. They were installed to replace an access ramp on private land. It's also ideal for commercial parking lots that want to increase total car capacity. Consider this subterranean garage system instead of the traditional garage.

car lift.png

car lift.png

Car Turntable

The HONTY LIFT automobile turntable is frequently used as a model for vehicle exhibition in car dealership showrooms and other settings. A spinning automobile platform with a 360° rotating platform on top and an adjustable lifting height display every aspect of the car, making it easier to snapshots and film. The HONTY LIFT scissor car turntable is the final car move you'll ever need if you want to lift the automobiles to a higher level where they may be displayed and catch people's attention.

There are two types of automobile lift turntables: only the turn model and the turn & lift up model.


Food, cooking utensils, raw materials, office papers, and other items are often transferred to kitchens, offices, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, storehouses, and other locations. Dumbwaiters are often built of stainless steel to withstand steam, hot food, water, and other elements.

Dumbwaiter lifts are commonly used to transport food, cooking utensils, raw materials, office files, and other items in kitchens, offices, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, storehouses, and other locations. Our dumbwaiters are often composed of stainless steel, which means they are resistant to steam, hot food, water, and other contaminants. Our elevators may also be used by hospitals and retail shops to transport medications and commodities to different floors within the structure.

car lift.pngFour Post Lift for Cargo

Warehouses, factories, vertical manufacturing lines, and any other structure that requires material handling. Our lift products are designed and manufactured with safety and efficiency in mind. For various job requirements, a customized solution is provided.

A four-post lift is a heavy-duty cargo lift that is commonly used in warehouses, factories, vertical production lines, and other structures that need material handling. Our lift products are designed and manufactured with safety and efficiency in mind. For various job requirements, a customized solution is provided.


HONTY cargo lifts, goods lifts, scissor lift tables, four post lifts, and vehicle lifts are commonly used in garages, workshops, warehouses, and factories because of their high-strength structure and dependable drive system.


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