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General causes of failure of vertical platform lifts

First, If the battery fails, or the vertical platform lift is not provided with the minimum voltage it needs, the lift cannot operate normally. If you use sockets that are potentially malfunctioning or trip circuits, your lift may experience unnecessary malfunctions.

Then, If the user makes a mistake in operation, the vertical platform lift may not work normally.

In addition, the vertical platform lift is equipped with a safety device, and all doors must be closed before use. If it is not completely closed, it is judged that the safety device is not engaged, causing the equipment to fail to operate normally.


vertical platform lift

Standard operation

You can do your part to ensure that the lift doors and the area under the lift are free of objects and debris,  to keep the lift working properly. In addition, please pay attention to the battery life of the lift. The indicator light you see on the charger indicates the quality of the battery and whether the charger is working properly. For example, events like storms can affect battery chargers and even the sockets that elevators plug into.

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