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Mobile Loading Ramp Buying Guide

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What is a Mobile Loading Ramp?

The vacant area is transformed into a freight-handling hub with the use of mobile loading ramps. It's a flexible piece of loading equipment that can increase your current capacity and develop loading facilities where there isn't one, all without the need for additional construction. Trucks, train carriages, and buildings may all be accessed from the ground using mobile loading ramps. Because of their mobility, they can go from task to job and handle freight with a forklift or lift truck almost anyplace.

How does a Mobile Loading Ramp work?

The mobile ramp is a piece of special equipment that allows a forklift to drive inside and load and unload trucks and railway wagons from the ground level. The mobile ramp may be adjusted in height and serves as a mobile bridge. The ramp acts as a link between the ground level and the level of a truck body, or the floor of a railway car, thanks to its hydraulic system.

We produce a broad variety of mobile ramps. As a result, our customers may select the solution that best matches their requirements. Furthermore, we may build unique mobile ramps to meet specific client needs and supplement such equipment with any accessible solutions. Simply call HONTY LIFT for expert assistance, and you will have a ramp that will far exceed your expectations.

How the mobile ramp works:

With its integrated wheels, the movable ramp may be simply transported around a warehouse and beyond. Only one person (a forklift driver) is required to set up the movable ramp for use. They employ hydraulics to adjust the ramp's height before connecting it to a truck. They then release pressure in the ramp's hydraulic system by pressing a particular lever. As a result, the ramp dips and rests securely on the vehicle body's edge. The ramp is secured to the vehicle with chains and wheel chocks (provided with the ramp) for safe operation. This entire setup takes less than 5 minutes. The ramp is now ready for use, and a forklift can drive back and forth on it while loading/ unloading a truck. 

What is Mobile Loading Ramp used for?

Mobile loading ramps are unique production ramp systems that may be utilized in any factory that lacks a specific loading area, adequate space, loading facilities, or logistic areas. Our ramps are custom-made to meet your exact specifications.

You may rapidly convert your facility into a logistics base or loading area without having to invest in any building or steel structures, and without creating any structural alterations. You may export your items and swiftly upload your products in this manner, saving time, money, and headaches. These systems may save you time and money while also resolving all of your installation issues.

They are dependable, versatile systems that can swiftly load and unload containers or trucks without the use of specific equipment. The provision of transportation from the ground to the transportation vehicle allows for efficient loading and unloading operations. Mobile ramps with a flexible design may be modified for clients' loading and unloading needs, are compatible with loading vehicles (forklifts, pallet trucks), and can easily load on any vehicle due to their adjustable height. With their customer-friendly characteristics, durable, long-lasting, strong, compact, and robustly manufactured mobile loading ramps may aid their customers for many years without problems.

What are the advantages and benefits of the Mobile Loading Ramp? 

With the introduction of a mobile ramp, users may not only save time but also increase their efficiency when transferring. Ramps come in a variety of types and sizes, and mobile ramps are auxiliary equipment used to load and unload cargo quickly. It is clear that its relevance in freight loading and unloading at high altitudes cannot be overstated. So, which one should you pick based on your requirements? Everyone should use the moveable dock ramp. What are the benefits of using a movable dock ramp?

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1. The operation is simple

The design is reasonable, and the main benefit is that it can be moved, making it perfect for loading and unloading in a variety of locations. It is also easy to operate. There is no set loading and unloading location, the operation is simple, one person can operate it, and things can be loaded and unloaded goods can be realized quickly. A variety of places are used. The movable dock ramp makes loading and unloading business items much easier, saves time, and increases productivity. A hand-cranked hydraulic pump powers the movable loading ramp, and the height of the docking ramp may be simply altered without the use of external power. One piece of equipment saves five people, considerably decreases the investment in human resources, and reduces the utilization rate of workers to a certain amount, resulting in greater capital investment savings and improved economic efficiency for the company.

2. Strong bearing capacity

The movable dock ramp is a piece of auxiliary equipment used in combination with forklifts to load and unload products. The height may be adjusted to fit the automobile compartment's height. For bulk loading and unloading of items, the forklift may drive straight into the compartment through this equipment.

3. Normal operation in severe weather

Even if the weather is gloomy and wet, a non-slip panel ensures that routine operations are not disrupted. So in this way,  work efficiency is enhanced, cargo loading and unloading speed are considerably improved, and your company generates more social profits.

How to choose a Mobile Loading Ramp? 

The movable loading dock ramp is an important piece of material handling equipment that works in conjunction with a forklift.

The equipment is useful in locations where there is a lot of material handling and there isn't a set loading and unloading platform.

For batch operations, you may quickly modify the forklift's operating height to meet the size of containers or trucks, and drive the forklift inside the container's interior.

The Benefits of Using a Mobile Loading Dock Ramp

A mobile or movable loading dock ramp aids in the safe and efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

They have a wide range of applications as cargo handling equipment for transportation systems including containers, lorries, forklifts, and trolleys.

Warehouses, factories, stations, ports, and logistics bases are common sites to see mobile loading dock ramps.

The equipment's advantage is that it only takes one worker to operate it and adjust the height quickly without the need for an external power supply.

A movable loading dock ramp can be used to transport accumulated commodities to other locations.

A Mobile Loading Dock Ramp's Components

A lip plate, guide or tail plate, bridge ramp plate, horizontal working platform, hydraulic system (cylinder, manual hydraulic pump, oil tank), wheels, hauling parts, manual hydraulic supporting legs, safety fences, and safety locking hooks are all essential components of a mobile loading dock ramp.

These components work in unison to minimize the amount of physical effort necessary for loading and unloading items, resulting in increased efficiency. As a consequence, businesses may significantly reduce their operating expenses and increase their profitability. 

The loading capacity of movable loading dock ramps is used to classify them. They are divided into six categories: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 20 tons, with complete hydraulic lifting power, easy operations, dependability, and safety.

Movable  Dock Damps' Mechanism of Operation

A movable dock ramp may be thought of as a bridge between forklifts and trucks or semi-trailers and containers, allowing for easy loading and unloading of cargo.

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Platform with anti-slip properties

To make the top end of the ramp parallel with the bottom edge of the container, the normal design of a movable dock ramp is 13 degrees slopes and 12 meters in length. The platform's most prominent feature is the use of an anti-slip technology that enhances friction to prevent slides

A movable docking ramp's main role is to act as a bridge between forklifts on the ground and taller containers, making loading and unloading of products easier.

Solid rubber tires

Solid tires used in the dock ramp help to support the weight of forklifts and products. Solid tires were chosen over gas tires because solid tires are more sturdy and stiff, which helps sustain the whole weight of the forklift and items. Furthermore, they do not need frequent replacement, reducing labor demands and expenses. Solid tires are hence the ideal choice for container loading port ramps.

Manual Hydraulic Cylinders

Loading dock equipment is typically used in areas where there is no power source. In movable loading dock ramps, manual hydraulic cylinders are employed to allow the person to lift them at any time and in any location.

Chain of Iron

To ensure that the ramp and containers do not separate during the loading and unloading operation, an iron chain is utilized to connect the top end of the movable loading ramp to the bottom edge of the container. The length and tightness of the iron chain are determined by the type of items.

Brake Pads

Brake Pads Stop solid tires from moving around during loading and unloading. It's a precautionary measure. Before and after the tires, Brake pads are placed before and after the tires to prevent the tires from moving.

mobile loading ramp.jpg

Mobile Loading Ramp

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