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Outdoor vertical wheelchair lift


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Outdoor vertical wheelchair lift by lifting platform, guide rail, and drive box composed of three parts.

The lifting platform is made of C-type steel as the main part, using the “self-reset switch of the rocker plate for operation”, without foundation pit installation, directly fixed on the concrete ground (in the case of an outdoor application without a bottom pit, the concrete ground under the platform shall not be lower than the surrounding ground), the lifting bottom plate can be manually lowered when the manual hydraulic valve is opened.

Hydraulic drive, stable and safe lifting, the exterior adopts brushed stainless steel material and aluminum plate electrostatic spray box/panel, compact and beautiful appearance, does not hinder the surrounding environment.

The outdoor vertical wheelchair lift is directly installed on the ground, without the need for civil construction supporting pit, simple construction, the product placed outdoors is not easy to water, not easy to rust, easy to maintain. Lifting height 1-6 meters!






High-end special steel Excellent heat

resistance and oxidation resistance

Self-reset switch operation of the warping plate

The operation is simple, convenient and quick


Understated elegance

Patterned slide plate Anti-slip, rust and corrosion

Strong and durable, beautiful appearance


1. This machine max. The lifting height is 6000mm.

2. Emergency Descending: When there is no power or malfunctions, manually descend the device.

3. It can be directly installed into the ground without architectural supporting pits and is easy to operate.

4. It’s suitable for large-sized newly-built residential estates and those areas where there is a compact land resource and etc.

5. Its hydraulic or screw system offers passengers smooth and comfortable transportation and different safety devices remove every hiding risk.

6. Vertical elevating system. This durable and easy-to-use vertical lift is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring vertical transportation up to 6 meters.



Outdoor vertical Wheelchair Lift is used for villas, residential areas, exhibition halls, hotels, hotels, airports, subway stations, and nursing homes for the physically handicapped.


Optional configuration

1.  Safe and well: Aluminum alloy, glass well.

2. Chassis panel: 304 stainless steel drawing plate.

3. The platform guard: 304 stainless steel drawing plate.

4. Lifting height: According to the needs of users to provide a 6000mm(lifting floor off the ground) model.

5. Door guard: Safety doors and platforms are equipped with electronic lock linkage circuits to ensure safety.

6. Dc model: Built-in battery automatic power supply system to ensure the normal operation of the machine after power failure.

7. Auxiliary control: A wired auxiliary control box can be installed in the location required by the customer and the machine circuit operation.



1. Packing: plywood case

2. Dimension: 5~6CMB/PC (Approx)

3. Port of loading: Qingdao, China

4. Lead time: 15 days

5. Warranty: 12 months after shipment

6. Safety shaft, landing gate, and the cabin are highly suggested.

7. Documents with the shipment: installation guide, maintenance guide, operation manual, electric diagram, hydraulic diagram, quick-wear part, etc. (all in English)

8. For travel higher than 1200mm, the platform must be disassembled before shipment to suit container size and the customer needs to assemble the platform after receiving it. (We will supply a detailed assembly guide withdrawing in English)

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