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Straight Stair Lift


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Straight stair lift are a cost-effective mobility solution that can be installed within days for homes with straight flights of stairs.

Straight stair lift brings convenience and customizability, as they can be fitted with upgrades such as powered swivel seats to assist with getting on and off the lift, higher weight capacities when needed, and powered footrests so that you don’t have to bend over at the top of the stairs to fold it up.

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Applications Standard capacity Maximum travel Travel speed
Residential, commercial (code permitting), indoor, straight-run stairs 400 lb (182 kg) residential with Plus seat; 350 lb (159 kg) commercial 32 ft (9.75m) 15 ft/min (0.08m/s)
Drive Motor Fold-up width Range of incline
Rack and pinion 24 VDC, 1/3 HP, 2500 RPM 13.5″ (34.3 cm Fold-out width: 25.5″ (64.8 cm) 30˚ to 55˚

Straight stair lift Features

1. LED diagnostic lights: To advise of any issues.

2. Smooth, quiet operation: From the rack and pinion drive system.

3. Master shut off: Will turn off if not used for an extended amount of time.

4. Obstruction detection: Multiple safety sensors to detect an obstacle and stop the stairlift if necessary.

5. Standard finishes: Neutral color carriage with attractive stainless steel gear rack and white rail; durable, easy-clean vinyl seat.

6. Heavy duty capacity: Ready for lifting up to 400 lb (residential applications with Plus seat) on either side of a straight-run staircase.

7. Simple controls: Onboard toggle controls and 2 reliable radio frequency call stations to call the chair up or down when needed.

8. Worry-free operation: Battery operated with continuous charging along the rail using standard power; can be used several times during a power failure.

9. Safety features: Swivel and lock seat for added stability getting on and off the chair; additional safety features include retractable seat belt, non-slip footrest, overspeed brake, and emergency stop button on chair for commercial models.

10. Two seat choices: Plus seat adjusts up to 24 ¼” wide and offers 400 lb capacity for residential applications and 350 lb for commercial; L seat adjusts to up to 20″ wide and has a 350 lb capacity for both residential and commercial applications.



Power-Swivel-Seat Power-Folding-Footrest Power-or-Manual-Folding-Rails
Power Swivel Seat Power Folding Footrest Power or Manual Folding Rails
Larger-Seat-Pad Larger-Footrest Variety-of-Upholstery-Choices
Larger Seat Pad Larger Footrest Variety of Upholstery Choices

Additional information

Rated Loading Capacity


Max. Lifting Height

1m / 16m / 2m / 12m / 8m / 5m


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