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Scissor Lift Tables Buying Guide

What is a Scissor lift table?


Some sort of scissor lift stand is a great tool that enhances a work surface to a comfortable working height. Back injuries are common with manual work. The repetitive action of bending and lifting might take it is toll after a while. A person's solution to reduce injury is a scissor lift stand; whether loading and offloading vehicles or stacking shelves, a scissor lift eradicates the burden of resistance training plans from an operator.

Scissor lifts are also used to assist technicians in performing maintenance tasks. A professional scissor lift table continues tools within get to, allowing the tech to perform their duties in an appropriate position. Typically the scissor lift stand design raises tools and job pieces and keeps them set up. It enhances productivity and safe practices. Numerous scissor lift tables can be purchased off-the-shelf to cope with many operating adjustments. However, if these models are faulty for your use, a good supplier will continue to work with you to spec out and about and build a custom scissor lift table to your specifications.

How many types of Scissor lift tables?

You will discover three main different types of scissor lifts: hydraulic, electric/ diesel, and pneumatic. These varieties are going to be further mentioned in the next section.


Hydraulic scissor lifting utilizes hand-powered or even pressurized hydraulics that will be engine-driven inside in order to lift loads. The hydraulic oil changes inside pressure, creating the particular work platform to go upwards and down. This type of scissor lift is usually the most frequent type identified since it will be the easiest to employ among the list of other varieties. Additionally, the user does not want much training in order to use this00 machine.

Electrical and Diesel

In distinction with all the hydraulic scissor lifts, electrical and diesel scissor lifts are the most common varieties used across diverse applications. Electrical scissor lifts are employed a lot more often in encased spaces, while diesel-powered scissor lifts are employed for outdoor apps. This is since enclosed spaces perform not have enough ventilation, which could be a risk regarding the buildup of toxic fumes coming from burning diesel at any time by using a diesel scissor lift.


The particular pneumatic scissor lift makes usage of atmospheric pressure a lift-up mechanism. Among the list of additional types of lifting, this can be the most eco-friendly since it does indeed not give out and about toxic fumes throughout its surroundings. Typically the pneumatic scissor pick up operates by using throughout atmospheric air.

Pneumatic lifts will set you back as compared to the other styles, nevertheless, it requires incredibly little maintenance considering there are simply minimal moving pieces and no power plant involved. It can easily also work throughout almost any environment considering it only demands air for doing this to be able to work.


How does a Scissor Lift work

The way a scissor raise works depend upon the power source, but the resulting motion is the same.

Here are things about how a scissor lift works:

The power source is switched on and commences to fill the cylinder(s) with hydraulic fluid or compacted air.

Hydraulic fluid or compressed air will be moved from one area to a different.

The canister will be moved outwards and leads to the legs pushing apart.

The particular platform is elevated.

When the operator wants to lower the scissor lift, they will release the pressure or fluid in the scissor lift to reverse the above process and commence the descent.

The speed descends on how powerful the scissor raise is and how much weight the platform is transporting. If you be prepared to lift heavy materials, you should consider a more powerful scissor lift. With regard to instance, heavyweight makes it difficult for the engine to press liquid or air contrary to the canister to push to the outside.

What are Scissor lift tables used for?

A scissor lift table is one of the most prevalent workplace equipment. It is employed in lots of companies for different purposes. As the name recommends, the lift table is a device that helps and makes it better to lift heavy things.

we will format different applications that the scissor elevate table can be used in numerous industries.

Aircraft maintenance

In the airline industry, a scissor lift table is an indispensable tool. That is difficult for some ladders to even reach half the peak of an aircraft. Yet, with a lift table, you will easily and safely reach every part of the plane with convenience.


Scissor lift tables can even be used as workstations. Inside many industries, employees find themselves ranking or sitting around their raw materials on a workstation.

Why would a business use a scissor lift table for this specific objective? Mainly because it can be modified. It eliminates the advantages of company staff to show themselves to physical harm and injuries by bending down to lift and place heavy items on the workstation.

The lift table can simply be adjusted downwards to lift heavy objects. It is then adjusted up-wards up to a height that employees working on it are comfortable with.

Transporting items within the factory

Like many production equipment, scissor lift tables are designed to make work easier. One of the tasks that they have made easier is the movement of things from one point to another within the factory.

A few lift tables include wheels. This makes sure that once things are lifted from the ground, they can be moved from one position in the factory to another. This reduces human error and helps save time.

Machine tending tasks

Due to their adjustable heights, scissor lift tables are well suited for machine tending jobs in the manufacturing plant. They can be stationed next to manufacturing equipment at the same elevation to ensure that they feed natural materials onto digesting equipment.

They could be attached to other machines and robots to ensure that this process proceeds efficiently. This allows a production company to run as successfully as possible.

Used in the healthcare industry

Scissor lift tables are also used in hospitals. Modern hospital bed frames are pre-loaded with a scissor lift mechanism that can help medical doctors and attendants to move the person around without having to move the patient. These adjustable clinic beds can move around and be adjusted to suit the required level.

In many elderly hospitals, lift stand platforms are repaired onto the floor where beds can be wheeled to them and increased to the mandatory level levels.

Warehouse operations and management

To be able to affect run retail operations, it is vital that the warehousing portion of the business is efficient. Elevate tables play a huge role in ensuring that storage businesses are skillfully and proficiently been able to ensure customer satisfaction and quick delivery.

Picking and positioning items on shelves and moving them around the large warehouse place to ensure that they are shipped to the physical wall socket or customer in time. A scissor lift table will ensure competence in coping with these tasks which ensures the success of the factory operations.

Construction industry

This is another industry that can be well dished up by scissor lift tables. In design, there are different tasks that require personnel to reach high heights. For illustration, window washing and fixing, painting, and even electrical wiring and maintenance.

Using a lift table, it is possible for personnel in the industry to accomplish and complete these tasks at convenience and in safe environments.



A scissor lift table as we can see is a versatile tool that is suitable in as many industrial situations as possible. It is therefore unthinkable that a manufacturing entity can go on operating without one in its presence. It will revolutionize your business by making it more productive through the elimination of the heavy task of lifting and moving heavy objects.

What are the advantages and benefits of scissor lift tables?

With the help of scissor lifts, you can:

Improve Productivity

Within palletizing and launching tasks, positioning the job surface at the particular optimum height regarding the specific job can reduce routine times and increase the efficiency of the particular loading operation. Increase the reduction within cycle time more than many cycles, in addition to across multiple work stations, and you obtain a strong economical benefits of scissor lifting.

Reduce WorkPlace Accidents

Back injuries triggered by heavy training are a significant cause of misplaced time incidents. The scissor lift gives a convenient technique for lifting supplies to the preferred height. For illustration, an operator unloading heavy items coming from a pallet to some workstation performs the particular repetitive, heavy training of the supplies through the pallet in order to the table. In this case, a lift table can position the particular pallet at desk height, reducing the particular burden on the staff member. This eliminates the particular strain from putting together vertical and horizontally plane lifting. Any time properly implemented, scissor lifts can decrease the chance associated with acute injuries related to heavy lifting.

Improve Process Ergonomics

Scissor lifts function as an easily adaptable table, allowing every worker to place the work surface area at the best height for all of them. Not only may a scissor lift improve the speed in order to perform repetitive stacking/loading tasks, but this can also be associated with process more ergonomic desk. By reducing the particular advantages of twisting and twisting in order to accommodate the desk height, a scissor lift boosts procedure ergonomics and may reduce your risk associated with repetitive strain-type accidents.

Scissor lifts, also called lift tables, are the desired ergonomic solution regarding material work placing and vertical training. They improve staff member productivity while decreasing the opportunity associated with workplace injuries. Utilized as a pallet positioner, for training and positioning job, or for moving loads, a scissor lift could make the particular job faster in addition to safer while improving productivity.


Technical parameters and specification guide

Size of load

What weight will it want to handle? Just what are the dimensions of the loads you will be moving? A person needs to guarantee the lift desk you select is usually up to the work

Required lift height

Where are a person moving the tons? How up large will they want to go?

Inside the area, you're making use of the scissor desk

Any kind of restrictions wherever you’re planning order to use the lift table? Are there environmental obstructions? Is usually there open room to maneuver cell phone units?

Type regarding load and just how you are reloading it onto the system

Are you functioning with pallets, linen materials, loose items, etc?


Just how many lifts have you been expecting to perform per shift? Is usually it viable in order to operate a guide scissor lift within a busy working atmosphere? Will manual functioning put unnecessary stress on those applying the lifting cart?

Power Supply

Perform you have an area to demand the lift table or power for an electric scissor lift table: and does it hold the correct three-phase electric supply?

How to choose a scissor lift table?

What is a scissor lift table and why do I need one?

Scissor lift tables are designed to be able to aid in handling merchandise and materials, taking away bending and stretches from operators, and even positioning loads to be able to convenient heights or perhaps between levels. In the event that you know, you will need something to increase your manual coping with procedures, but you're not really positive what, a hydraulic scissor lift stand could possibly be just precisely what you’re looking for…

What is a scissor lift table?

A scissor lift table is the lifting platform set to a scissor mechanism, raised hydraulically to a needed working height. Operators raise and lower loads to relieve strain from dealing with goods or raise goods between amounts.

Why choose a scissor lift table?

As well to provide you the opportunity to place loads in order to levels, these hydraulic raise tables are fast and an easy task to run – whether you choose a manual scissor lift trolley, battery-operated lift table, or electric platform raise.

Are all lift tables equal?

Right now, there are 2 key types associated with hydraulic lift furniture: mobile and stationary, and what you are using them with regard to will determine which usually one you require.

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

These lift tables, also known as scissor lift trolleys are fully cellular on castor tires allowing operators in order to position loads in order to the required area and then raise them into placement by having a hydraulic feet pump or battery-operated lifting control. Preferably suited to multi-location make use.

The manual raise tables are the particular most affordable choice and are greatest suited for periodic use and battery-operated lift tables are usually made for frequent, easy lifting applications.

Fixed Scissor Lift Tables

These lift tables are designed for fixed, single-location lifting applications powered simply by three-phase energy. The hydraulic scissor lift platform will be handled at the particular touch of the button by providers and stops whenever reached the proper working height. These types of tables can be utilized because bay lifts in order to transport heavy lots and pallets among levels, ergonomic pallet work stations with regard to loading/unloading boxes, and loading platforms in order to assist production plus manufacturing.

Scissor Lift Tables

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