How to Prolong the Life of Your Stairlift ?

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Stair lift can help aged or disabled people go up or go down the stair by themselves, which solve the inconvenience of aged people.

Over time, however, consistent usage can contribute to wear and tear.

How Do I Keep My Stairlift Running Smoothly?

Regularly  pre-trip inspections can detect potential problems.

Inspecting the stair lift for any wear, damage, or other abnormal conditions should be a part of a regular service program.

But in between inspections, there are simple things you can do to keep your stairlift in good condition.

1-Wiping the track and the chair 

Wiping the track with a dry rag or cloth once a week to keep the lift dust-free.

You should never use a wet rag, which could damage the stairlift’s components.

2-Charging the battery in a dry environment

Keeping the charger plugged in and your batteries properly charged to extend your battery life.

How To Use The Stairlift?

1-Don’t be overweight

The standard load capacity is 120KG.

If overweight, the extra strain can cause the stairlift gears to wear and tear or even break.

The additional weight can even cause the motor to have to work harder and potentially fail.

2-Sit on the chair gently

Dropping into the seat forcefully or not sitting down in a controlled fashion can impact stairlift operation.


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