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Vertical Platform Lifts Buying Guide

Vertical Platform Lifts

What is a Vertical Platform Lifts?

A vertical platform lift is an elevating device that can travel a small distance up to many feet. A very basic vertical platform lift features an open platform and a drive mechanism to power the platform up and down. This lift is also called a porch lift or deck lift because it is commonly used outside to allow access from the ground level to the elevated entrance into a home. The simple porch lift is usually powered by a screw drive system which makes them reliable but economical.

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How do Vertical Platform Lifts work? 

Hydraulic drive system

With this type of system, the platform is connected to a hydraulic structure. To maneuver the particular lift up or even down, some manager is pushed with regard to the hydraulic liquid to be driven from a tank into the structure. The particular resulting pressure stretches the structure leading to the lift in order to increase. To reduce the lift, the fluid flow is reversed.

This system needs extra space with regard to the mechanism to become properly installed. Furthermore, the hydraulic liquid can release a strong odor, specifically in hot climates.

Screw and nut system

This system uses a straight screw pole using the same length as the beam. The system is fitted along with a motor that will drive an enthusiast installed towards the mess. The lift goes up or down when the enthusiast is turned simply by the motor, based on the switching direction. The installation will be often done upon a supporting wall to stabilize the device, especially if the particular travel shifts will certainly be longer.

The drive nut and screw pole strings are susceptible in order to deterioration, hence the reason why they include a good automated mechanism in order to facilitate a routine reduction in friction.


Vertical platform lifts include several features for customization purposes. But they all operate making use of the screw plus nut, hydraulic generate system. Self-lubricating functions enable the device to lubricate the particular gears when the particular lift falls. As a result, this particular makes sure that all the particular gears and strings are automatically maintained each time the particular lift is used.

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What are the advantages and benefits of Vertical Platform Lifts? 

House accessibility is one of the most crucial things for folks with mobility worries. Not being in a position to simply control your own house could be damaging to some person’s mental health and wellness, and potentially cause physical concerns too. The popular selection to further improve accessibility amongst homeowners is wheelchair ramps. They have got been around for some time and are frequently present in public areas too, more thus than platform lifting. However, for several factors, a vertical system lift can be your current ideal choice regarding home accessibility.

Secure Mobility

An up and down platform lift is viewed as a safer option than wheelchair ramps. The particular ramps still want you to shift up or lower and may also require some help if the surface area is slick or even too steep. Using a vertical platform lift up, you can basically wheel your wheelchair onto the system, press a button in addition to you’ll slowly end up being moved to the particular higher level wherever you intend in order to go.

Compact Design Compared To Ramps

When you’re not excited about the type of wheelchair ramps as a result of lack of room close to your house, then a system lift is a new great alternative. This can be set up within a location that will isn’t as evident and lots of times a new platform as tiny as 5’x5’ could be built. The small design means you could have more space in order to maneuver in your own home in addition to outside the house and may still acquire where you need them to end up being.

Ease Of Use And Cost-Effective

A new vertical platform lift up is not hard to employ when professionally set up. The push key is easy to gain access to so all a person has to perform is position oneself on the system, push the key and you should get in order to the higher stage safely without getting to lift a new foot. It stimulates independent senior dwelling since assistance is not needed to put it to use, unlike wheelchair security in some scenarios. And once compared order to the installation regarding wheelchair ramps, a new vertical platform lift up needs a portion regarding the time in order to install for a new fraction of the particular cost.

Pleasant looks

While wheelchair security is functional in addition to can help any person with mobility worries, they can likewise stick out aesthetically. A new vertical platform lifts up could be installed inside various areas inside and around the particular home to help you conceal it as very much as you’d such as. And if a person wants to put it to use as a patio lift for backyard living, you could match the supplies to your outdoor aesthetics to help to make it resemble a natural fit.

For those who have got health issues that will make navigating big staircases troublesome, multi-level homes or workplaces are an obstacle. For those making use of wheelchairs and scooters, even stairlifts just partially allay the particular problem because their wheeled transports still require to be delivered up to wherever they are heading. For the individuals, vertical platform lifts are the solution that makes sense.

vertical platform lifts are gadgets that execute simple, direct jobs. To transport a great individual and the particular wheelchair or mobility scooter to upper amounts of homes or little offices. Just since reliable as lifts and economical in addition to not requiring significant construction which could multiply by 4 the price, and may not end up being possible. While vertical platform lifts do require setup and might need minor preparatory structure, most can end up being installed within a single day.

The design of the vertical platform lift  is very straightforward, consisting of 

the platform that is usually capable of elevating and lowering around 250kg.

the motor-driven hoist column that moves the platform smoothly and silently

entrance/exit doors which experts claim not open unless of course the platform is usually stopped at the particular top or base of the lifter

A little ramp upon the front is associated with the lift system to make coming into the system in the low position less difficult. When the vertical platform is from its highest stage, the ground associated with the platform is usually aligned with the particular floor of the particular upper level.

vertical platform lift power comes simply by standard AC strength and can have got battery back-up to make certain emergency use throughout a power outage allowing users on the particular upper floor in order to return to stroll out in the particular event the construction should be vacated.

vertical platform lifts can be installed on both the inside of the home or workplace along with outside. vertical platform lifts are made to withstand a variety of climates while still working safely and effectively. Operating vertical platform lifts needs no technical teaching beyond understanding which often button to press to go upward or down. The particular doors towards the vertical platform lift platform are only going to be available when the system is stopped at the end or top details.

There are several restrictions on the correct use of vertical platform lifts, which ensure that will the system stays within the solid working purchase and prevents unwanted injuries. vertical platform lifts usually are not designed regarding transporting multiple folks, either using wheeled transport or position, simultaneously. vertical platform lifts need to not be useful for transporting anything apart from people and their particular wheelchairs and scooters. While people who else use walkers, canes, or crutches may use the vertical platform lift to avoid making use of stairs, not a lot more than one individual at any given time should end up being on the system.

While following the particular directions in phrases of proper setup and use associated with the vertical platform lift, this is a mechanized device that may need preventative maintenance upon a regular schedule to keep the system in proper operating order. Purchasing your own vertical platform lift from a company that likewise will the setup and provides upkeep and repair providers, like HONTY LIFT, will ensure that will your vertical platform lift may provide an extended period of successful, reliable service.

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How much do Vertical Platform Lifts cost? 

Things to know about wheelchair lifts before you buy

Wheelchair lifts are not produced to carry freight. If you are usually looking to happens to lift to have freight on the regular basis, select a product produced for this purpose.

Installing your personal wheelchair lift will be not recommended. Presently there are many factors in wheelchair raise construction and set up which are best remaining to an expertly trained lift specialist.

Wheelchair lifts are usually customized to your own needs. From the particular travel distance in order to the position from the entrance to which usually side a door opens, a raise is generally purchased and built in order to the specifications associated with your site.

The price of the wheelchair lift differs inside a very big range. A straight platform lift which includes the installation begins at about $3, 000. Needing more features, site construction or an enclosure will add expenses. A commercial lift will cost considerably more money to fulfill special requirements that will vary by region.

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How to choose Vertical Platform Lifts? 

Things to consider before buying a vertical platform lift

1. Types of platform lifts

The open platform elevate does not include a shaft whilst an enclosed program lift has a new shaft due to its complete length. An open platform can easily always be used up to be able to a maximum vacation of 3-meter distances.

2. Drive

The key drive systems used are guided string, screw drive plus hydraulic. It will be important that a person discuss the generate system with the particular manufacturers so that will you can completely prefer the variations in how the particular drive system will certainly impact the trip, the longevity associated with the components along with other space requirements, for example, hydraulic units will need space for the fluid tank.

3. Pit or ramp?

Platform lifts will require a pit between 50mm - 150mm. Most of the producers will offer the ramp for the particular bottom door in case a pit may not be offered. In case a ramp will be chosen consideration ought to be provided to the particular ramp as being a potential tripping hazard.

4. Door Hangings

The way in which usually the door starts at each getting should be believed about. Will the particular door conflict with another door? Will certainly the door starting to a specific side then place the wheelchair consumer at risk?

5. Auto doors?

Car doors are frequently chosen where the particular lift to become used by people that will discover pressing or pulling the door to become hard. There are various kinds of closer that will certainly react differently whenever the door arrives into contact along with a subject plus these should become discussed with the particular lift provider in order to ensure it fulfills your requirements.

6. Colour choice:

Suppliers provide lifts throughout many different shades. Doors may be distinct colors for the whole length, which help typically the visually impaired discover the lift. To be able to color the elevate enables the elevate to be both changed to a characteristic or blended typically the lift in by simply matching surrounding shade.

7. Glazing?

Many manufacturers can glaze overall 4 sides of the whole length whereas some can easily glaze 3 sides due to typically the driving system employed. So if double glazed is important to be able to the lift design and style this will should be discussed early together with the manufacturer in regards to their own travel system. When a glazed shaft is essential next ensure that things such as cover-up plates for typically the underside with the platform and back energy to the platform console are involved to maintain typically the aesthetics of the glazed lift.

8. Space

It is important of the size involving the lift is definitely considered pertaining to the building, but in addition, the arrangement involving doors along with the place required looking at every single door to assure risk-free use. The creator will also point out the installation place that's needed is definitely, this is normally 30-100mm more as compared to footprint size.

9. Fire rating?

Will certainly the lift base have to be fire ranked? Your architect or even local planning workplace should be capable of strategies this particular. Generally, platform lifts can be manufactured with fire doors but the shaft would need to be clad to provide the rating.

Vertical Platform Lifts

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